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Cindy- Xiamen ()
Peaches- Xiamen Interpreter (English)

Education:Huaqiao University Major:The International education of Chinese language and culture   Working experience 2016.10 Team volunteer of 3×3 FISU world university league 2016 2016.11 VIP volunteer of 3×3 FISU world university championship 2016 2016.12 Volunteer of The second 21st-Century Maritime silk road summit 2017.3 Teaching Chinese in Phuket, Thailand for two weeks 2017.9 Team volunteer … Continue reading “Peaches- Xiamen Interpreter”

Yang Hui – Beijing Translator (English)

Education: Beijing JiaoTong University        2017 – 2019 Master of Translation and Interpreting Flinders University – Australia Capital Normal University WORK EXPERIENCE China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), interpreter                 Interpreting for Botswana officers and Chinese entrepreneurs Hanergy School of Renewable Energy, Assistant – Beijing                                              Interpreting for domestic and … Continue reading “Yang Hui – Beijing Translator”

Tangyao- Shanghai Interpreter (English)

EDUCATION                                                                           Donghua University        Shanghai, China       Master of Science in Textile Chemistry and Dyeing and Finishing Engineering                   Expected Mar 2019 Donghua University Shanghai, China  Bachelor of Science in Light Chemical Engineering                       Working Experience: 2018 Dubai Property Show Shanghai, China Interpreter, Fidu Properties                                                             Sep 2019 ·Got familiar with particular information of four … Continue reading “Tangyao- Shanghai Interpreter”

PAN Minjie- Hongkong Interpreter (English)

Education: Degree: Bachelor Graduate: East China University of Political Science and Law Major: English (International Law and Business Oriented) Working Experiences: 2016.12 Volunteer Photo Exhibit of Shanghai Song Ching Ling Foundation 2017.2 Volunteer Shanghai Science and Technology Museum 2017.8 Interpreter All China Leather Exhibition 2017.10 Interpreter Music China 2017.10 Interpreter VII Global International Desk Meeting … Continue reading “PAN Minjie- Hongkong Interpreter”

Yvaine- Qingdao Interpreter, Qingdao Translator (English)

Education: University : Heilongjiang University Date of graduation: 2017.6 Major : English Translation and Interpretation Working Experience: 2016.10-2017.4 Interpreter Work as a Interpreter for a ice hockey club in Harbin, contacting with the team members from Canada, American and Germany. 2016.11 NHSDLC judge Judge for NHSDLC (National High School Debate League of China) Harbin regional … Continue reading “Yvaine- Qingdao Interpreter, Qingdao Translator”

Pan Xue- Shanghai ()

Education Background 2011.09-2015.06 Sichuan International Studies University 2014.01-2014.02 CATTI 3 Training Courses in New Oriental School Freelance Interpretation Experiences 2016.09-now Freelance Interpreter Project One: China (Karamay) International Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition Technical material translation and interpretation of featured equipment: automatic sampler from major advantages, working principles, sampler assembly and post-sale service. Project Two: … Continue reading “Pan Xue- Shanghai”

Lu Xiaotong- Dalian Interpreter and Tour Guide (English)

ACADEMIC BACKGROUND                                                                   2012.9-2016.6 Dalian University of Foreign Language School of English Studies Bachelor WORKING EXPERIENCE                                                                     2016.8.27- 2018.7.11  JIU HUA Nigeria Company Limited    Sales Representative       Lagos(Nigeria The company was founded in 2000 and set up factories and showrooms in Nigeria and Guinea. Main Business: Security Doors, Wrought Iron Works, Stainless Steel Products, Furniture, Glass, Aluminium Works, … Continue reading “Lu Xiaotong- Dalian Interpreter and Tour Guide”

Caroline Pang- Shanghai Interpreter (English)

EDUCATION Master of Interpreting, Shanghai International Studies University, 2016/9-present Bachelor of Law, Ocean University of China, 2011/9-2015/7 Work  Experience: 2014.06 Commercial Planning Contest. Won the 3rd Prize in the “Chuangqingchun” Undergraduate Contest of Commercial Planning in Shandong Province. 2013.11 Volunteer in the 2013 China Qingdao International Blue Economy Summit Forum. Provided voluntary services for guests … Continue reading “Caroline Pang- Shanghai Interpreter”

Joanna Wang- Shanghai Interpreter (English)

Education Background: Zhejiang International Studies University     English/International Trade       Bachelor University of Shanghai for Science and Technology(USST)    English Translation  Master Interpretation Experience: 29th China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition;  Exhibition Interpreting 2018 PCHi;  Exhibition Interpreting 2018.1- 2018.3 Zhejiang Sanheng Trade Co.,LTD; Translation Intern;  Business Interpretation 2017.9-2017.12                     China Daily                Translation Intern selecting press releases and translating them … Continue reading “Joanna Wang- Shanghai Interpreter”

Tian Yuan Interpreter – Lia (English)

Graduated From: JinZhong University 2017.08.~2018.08     Lidu Plastic Surgery and Beauty Hopsital     English Iinterpreter In charge of helping foreign doctor to have consultation with patients,giving patients Professional medical advice. Helping foreign doctor to communicate well with patients during the treatments  

Keming- Chinese Interpreter and Translator in Fuzhou, Quanzhou,Xiamen (English)

Qualification: The Member of Xiamen Translation Association Graduate of Interpretation and Translation, Huaqiao University Undergraduate of English Literature, Capital Normal Univeristy Experiences:  Fuzhou Runsway Ltd 2018.4.21 Fuzhou  Interpretation for a 4-hour business negotiation for Ms. Lichun at Fuzhou Runsway Ltd and a delegate at Italian Import/Export Corporation ● 2018 Earth Civilization Conference 2018.1.21-24 … Continue reading “Keming- Chinese Interpreter and Translator in Fuzhou, Quanzhou,Xiamen”

Zhengzhou Interpreter- Rosemary (English)

I am qualified teaching assistant with 2 years in Dashan English training school from Sep.1st, 2013 to May 1st,2014 And accompany interpreting in Anchorage for 3 months from June 2014 to Sep,2014 Interpreting Company—CITCC  Interpreter         Oct,2016-Nov 2016 Interpreting Company—-Zhengzhou Huaou Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd. Translator    Dec,2016 Interpreting Company—-Zhengzhou Pengtai Import and Export Trade Co.,Ltd.   Translator   … Continue reading “Zhengzhou Interpreter- Rosemary”

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Education 2011.09-2015.06   JiLin Foreign Studies University- Banking and currency 2015.06-2016.06   Training:Shanghai International Studies University                     Graduate Institute of Interpretation and Translation Work Experience Simultaneous Interpretation l2017.05.04 GWM IT Architecture Building Seminar l2017.05.11 GWM-Switzerland Dantsin Supplier Conference l2017.05.20 GWM-Keyence3D Supplier Conference l2017.05.26 GWM-GM Supplier Conference l2017.06.02 GWM-Olympus Supplier Conference l2017.06.05 GWM-MARS Major Equipment Supplier Conference l2017.06.06 GWM-Mahler … Continue reading “”

proxy (1)
Chinese Interpreter with IT background (English)

Education Background 2012.Sep. –2016.July          Anyang Normal University   Bachelor Major      :                Software Engineering   Sep.-2019.June   Nanjing Normal University Master Major      :                 English Interpretation Professional Experience              2018.Aug.2-Dec.Beijing Silk Road Foundation Fortune  Translator ◎Translate contracts of overseas projects ◎Medical conference interpretation   ‚2017.Dec.1 – 15th Jiangsu Centre for the Performing Arts  Interpretation Internship ◎Assist foreign technical … Continue reading “Chinese Interpreter with IT background”

Dalian Interpreter (English)

Education: Dalian University of Foreign Languages                         English (Advanced Translation and Interpretation)     Bachelor China University of Petroleum               Translation and Interpretation                                           Master Translation Experience 2016.1-present                          Beijing Taohe Translation Company                                                                      Part-time translator Responsible for the translation of application materials for overseas study, press release, enterprise news … Continue reading “Dalian Interpreter”